About World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is a multiplayer online game dedicated to the "golden age" of the world's combat aircraft. This project continues the "war saga" that began with the award-winning online sensation World of Tanks and gives players the freedom to lift off, leaving battlefields laden with smoke and destruction, getting a first-hand opportunity to engage in an endless number of battles for air superiority.

The main game mode in World of Warplanes organizes battles between two teams of 15 players who meet in air battle over a variety of locations. Victory can be achieved by destroying all the opposing planes or earning advantage points by eliminating the enemy's ground targets. At the same time, both approaches to victory -- teamwork and a player's individual contribution -- are important, because any pilot has the power to turn the tables in World of Warplanes.

The period represented in the game is one of the most captivating and challenging in the history of aircraft engineering. One may start a piloting career with biplanes of the 1930s, move on to legendary WWII warplanes, and end up with jet fighters of the Korean War, predecessors of modern aircrafts.

World of Warplanes lets players fly over a hundred different planes representing world leaders in aircraft engineering. Each machine has unique performance characteristics depending on its type. Pilots may fly the following three types of machines: fighters that are most efficient in close air combat; heavy fighters that are rather dangerous due to their lethal armaments; and ground attack planes used for destroying targets such as anti-aircraft gun turrets.

Each plane has several types of armaments available, plus various airframes and engines. Different combinations allow you to change an aircraft's performance characteristics greatly, so everybody has an opportunity to choose an optimal configuration based on their skills and personal preferences.

Expect constant growth to World of Warplanes. New maps and planes are being added all the time, and combat features can also be expanded with new battle modes, Clan functions, and improved interface functions.

Join the ranks and become a pilot! The air awaits!

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