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Reviewers from around North America have weighed in on World of Warplanes. Here's what they had to say!

PC Gamer - 74

It's still something I will likely jump into at odd moments, when I only have a few minutes to play a game and feel like some quick action ... For now, it's everything it needs to be: a fast, accessible air combat game with no flight-sim baggage to bring you down."
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Forbes - 9/10

Matches take only a few seconds to get started, and the simple click-and-go style makes getting into a game frictionless."
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GameSpot - 7

World of Warplanes is a streamlined arcade-style experience built for easy accessibility."
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Den of Geek! "World of Warplanes is a fast-paced and intuitively good time."
Canadian Online Gamers "Since the game is free to play ... I’d recommend giving it a shot. Strap yourself in and take to the skies, you won’t regret it." 75/100
Cinelinx "The game's graphics are quite frankly amazing for a F2P title. The game loads quickly from Hangar to mission map. In addition, the high resolution models used ... are some of the best I have seen in any title." 3.6/5
Destructoid "Wargaming makes it particularly easy to pick up World of Warplanes." 7/10
Game Dynamo "World of Warplanes is a strong and entertaining free-to-play filled with just the right amount of carnage, for which the sky's definitely no limit."
Game Revolution “At its core, WoWP is a very fun, addictive game that is destined to carve itself out an ardent fanbase.” 3.5/5 "The sounds of this game are superb when it comes to shooting planes, and even crashes." 7.9/10
Gamer's Temple "...It's certainly worth your time to download the game and give it a try." 77/100
GameZebo " manages to find the sweet spot between accuracy and playability for a second time with World of Warplanes, offering a slightly more twitch-based alternative to the World of Tanks experience that nevertheless will appeal to much the same crowd." 4/5
Gaming Nexus "Warplanes should mature into a phenomenon similar to its ground-bound brother, World of Tanks. And, of course, you can’t beat it for the price." 8.0/10
Gaming Shogun "Whichever you most like playing -- dogfighting or attacking -- there is a way to do it in World of Warplanes. As more planes with more options are released, you can tune your planes even more to your taste." 4/5
Gaming Trend "From beautiful airplane models and solid sound work, to a very accessible flight model that works for any skill level, World of Warplanes is a worthy successor for Wargaming’s stable of titles." 8/10
Hardcore Gamer "The game quite literally has no barrier of entry, which is of course a plus in the free-to-play market." 3.5/5
IGN "Whatever your budget (or lack thereof), WoWP delivers a pleasing cinematic experience as you crank and bank through its well-defined virtual skies." 7.8/10
Massively "World of Warplanes runs well, looks good, and does a decent job of providing cheap thrills."
MMOKnight "It’s an easy game to learn for beginners and it’s the perfect place to show off your tactical ingenuity, if you’re a hardcore tactical game grinder." 5/5
Nerd Reactor "When I first started playing, I noticed the in-game graphics being quite pleasing to the eyes, and the controls were fairly simple." B-
New England Gamer "World of Warplanes is very entertaining. It’s an extremely fun, lightweight game that won’t cost you a penny to enjoy if you don’t want to spend it, and will keep you coming back again and again." 70/100
OnRPG "This is definitely one of the better MMO communities I've participated in. There is no shortage of players in World of Warplanes." 4.8/5
Techno Buffalo "This fun title wound up sucking us in for more hours than we actually thought it would, and the free-to-play nature means that you’re welcome to give it a go without any risk of lost cash." 7/10
VG Revolution " has done another great job with a war-based MMO. World of Warplanes is a fast-paced white knuckle flight game. The action is great and easy to get into." 8/10 "With less of a focus on the 'best' upgrades and more on player skill, WoWP is sure to have longevity in both the competitive gaming world and casual scene." 4.5/5
War Cry "World of Warplanes takes flight simulators to an unbelievable level. The amount of realism, not only in plane aesthetics, but flight simulation is startling."

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