Aircraft Types

World of Warplanes features three aircraft types. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages so make the best use of the aircraft superior features to boost your battle performance.





  • The most common type of aircraft in the game.
  • Extremely fast and maneuverable.
  • Ideal for spotting and destroying enemy aircraft.
  • Perfect for detecting enemy targets and engaging in close-range combat.


Bf 110B


heavy fighter

  • Impressive firepower and durability at the expense of speed and maneuverability.
  • Generally designed to intercept attack aircraft and destroy vulnerable ground targets without AA gun cover.
  • Effective for hitting targets at long range.

High airspeed and flexible gun turrets give heavy fighters better chances to survive the battle.


IL-2 (t)


attack aircraft

  • Loaded with powerful heavy guns.
  • Well armored and able to sustain numerous AA gun attacks.
  • Primarily designed to take out enemy AA guns and destroy ground targets.
  • Deadliest threat in a head-on attack.

Flexible gun turrets make the attack aircraft difficult to destroy in a dogfight.

Hangar Aircraft Types Game Modes