Battle Screen

Once the battle starts, the Battle Screen is displayed. The Battle Screen is your in-game hub, providing all the essential information you need during the battle.

  1. Team Panel settings. Set up or hide the Team panel display.
  2. Superiority Scale. Indicates the combat progress of both teams. The team with 100% superiority wins the battle.
  3. Battle time left. The Battle countdown timer shows how much battle time is left. A battle lasts up to 15 minutes. 
  4. Team Panel. Lists members of two competing teams along with a brief overview of the aircraft. Panel view can be customised in Settings.
  5. Aircraft marker. Allied aircraft are marked green, enemy aircraft are marked red. Markers of destroyed aircraft turn dark.
  6. Reticle. Use the reticle to aim the gun at targets.
  7. Battle chat. Once in a battle, open the Battle chat to talk live to other players.
  8. Locked Target window. Once an enemy aircraft is locked, the Firepower, Airspeed, and Maneuverability icons are displayed in the window. An icon turns green (your aircraft is superior), yellow (minor difference), or red (your aircraft is inferior).
  9. Ammunition and Consumables Panel. The panel displays information on the number and type of available ammunition and consumables as well as boost availability.
  10. Aircraft Condition Panel. The panel shows damage status of your aircraft.
  11. Minimap. Map of the battlefield. Depending on the battle mode, the minimap displays the terrain, your aircraft (white marker), allied aircraft (green) and enemy aircraft (red) as well as team bases.
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