"Flight School" Video Series

Learn the basics of World of Warplanes with our informative video series, Flight School!

Episode I

This episode walks you through your very first steps in the hangar and out into the skies.

Episode II

Whether zipping through the skies in a nimble fighter, bombarding enemy ground targets in a ground-attack aircraft, or taking damage and dishing it out as a heavy fighter, newcomers to World of Warplanes will get further insight into strengths, weaknesses, and combat specifics of each of these classes.

The tutorial video also delves into the basics of cooperation within a flight unit, ensuring that no matter what class you choose, you’ll know the tactics necessary for success up in the clouds.

Episode III

In this installment, we cover maneuvering, mobility, and making use of altitude during combat. Curious about the "boom and zoom" or when and how to use your afterburner? Want to know how to load your plane depending on combat scenario? Wait no longer!

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