Game Modes

Once you have selected and prepared your aircraft for battle, prove your skills either in a random battle against real opponents (Standard Battle) or refine your skills in a training game mode.

Battle Mode

Two teams of 15 aircraft each take part in the aerial battle. The main objective is to achieve and maintain supremacy or destroy all enemy aircraft. Each battle lasts up to 15 minutes. The map and players are selected randomly.


A team gains advantage points for every enemy aircraft or ground target destroyed. As soon as one team achieves advantage over the other, the Superiority Scale (progress bar in the top centre of the HUD) starts to fill. The more points a team gets the faster the Superiority Scale fills up. The battle ends when one of the teams achieves 100% supremacy.

Aircraft wipeout

The battle lasts until all enemy aircraft are destroyed. The duration of the battle is limited to 15 minutes.


The battle ends in a draw if neither team manages to achieve 100% supremacy or destroy all enemy aircraft within 15 minutes.

Training Mode

In addition to the battle mode, two training modes are available to hone your aerial skills:

  • Training: Individual training within tutorial.
  • Team Training: Team training battle against selected teams. This mode enables you to set up a Training Room, select your desired map and play with friends to sharpen your combat skills together against other teams. Fill up the rosters with bots if necessary for a greater challenge.

Selecting a Game Mode

To select a game mode:

 1. Select from the Battle menu:
  • Standard Battle to play against randomly selected players.
  • Training to practice individually.
  • Team Training to practice with other players or bots.

  2. Click Battle! to enter the pre-battle lobby, followed by the Battle screen.

During the loading process, you are able to review the team list, compare your aircraft characteristics to that of your opponents and browse for helpful hints before entering the battle.