After logging in, you will see the Hangar screen. The Hangar is your main base where you can:

  • Select an aircraft and get ready for battle
  • Repair your damaged aircraft
  • Purchase and sell equipment, modules and consumables
  • Manage your account
  • Chat with other players
  • View your battle statistics and access many other tools to optimize your World of Warplanes experience. 

1.   Buy/Extend Premium Account.    Purchase or extend your Premium Account.
2.   Player’s name and account type.    View your in-game name and current account type.
3.   Number of players online and in queue.    View the total number of people currently logged into the
game client; number of players waiting to get matched up and get into battle.
4     Tech Tree.    Browse all the aircraft of a particular tech tree and filter them by nation.
5.    Store.    Buy or sell your aircraft, upgrades, ammunition, equipment and consumables. 
6.    Service Record.    Check your victory/defeat statistics, awards and special victory marks earned in
7.    Service.    Repair your aircraft, load ammunition and add consumables.
8.    Upgrades.   Research, purchase, and mount modules and purchase and mount equipment.
9.    Paint Shop.    Customize the look of your aircraft by applying various paint schemes to its fuselage,
wings and tail.
10.   Game Menu.    Access the game settings, disconnect from the server and exit or return to a game.
11.   Get Gold.    Refill your balance with gold.
12.   Currency Exchange.    Convert gold into credits.
13.   Experience Exchange.    Convert battle experience into Free Experience.
14.   Aircraft Experience.    View battle experience earned on the current aircraft. You can use XP to
research modules or new plane from the same tech tree.
15.   Selected aircraft type and model.    View the model and name of your currently selected aircraft.
16.   Selected aircraft specifications.    View the general specifications of the currently selected aircraft.
17.   Crew Panel.    View the crew of the currently selected aircraft.
18.   Current aircraft image.   View a 3D image of the currently selected aircraft.
19.   Flight Menu.    Rally a team to battle.
20.   Battle!    Click to join a battle. 
21.   Battle Menu.    Access the different battle modes.
22.   Aircraft panel.    View all your available aircraft.
23.   System Notifications.    Access the system notifications overview.
24.   Channels.    Search, join, and create channels.
25.   Contacts.    View your World of Warplanes contact list.
26.   Filters.    View the filters that enable you to customize the Aircraft panel view.