Skywriting Weekend


Fresh from the deranged mind of Hathore, we offer a new contest for your enjoyment. Please read the rules carefully and let us know if you have any questions or if things can be better explained.

Skywriting Weekend Rules

Event Starts: Thursday at 23:59 PDT (02:59 EDT) June 20, 2013

Event Ends: Sunday at 23:59pm PDT (02:59 EDT, the next day) June 23, 2013


500 for both WoT and WoWP to any pilot who can complete the mission below

The Mission

Spell the word “P-L-A-N-E” using the first letter of the names of other pilots you have shot down.

Example, I could spell PLANE by destroying PeterPeterNickleEater, LarrySnoredragon, Applebutter, NoSleepSheep, and ElvisParsley.

You don’t have to eliminate each letter in order, but please present your screenshots in order in the following thread to claim your prize

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