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General Information

What genre does World of Warplanes belong to?

World of Warplanes is a global-scale flight combat MMO action game dedicated to air combats in aircraft that were designed and produced in the middle of the 20th century. The game will combine both PvP and PvE elements, where players will encounter real opponents as well as destroy AI-controlled ground objects.

Where do I download World of Warplanes?

Our Download page lets you download an installer file in one click!

We also offer alternate download options:

  • Update for the Game Client: The previous game client versions update automatically at game client launch, or you can use this link to download and install them manually. 
    • Torrent
    • MD5: fd9fde71a44011cf845654bc39928351

You may also have your client updated automatically via torrent RSS, by adding World of Warplanes RSS feed into your torrent client. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Download and install any torrent client that supports automatic download of torrents via RSS feed (we recommend using µtorrent).
  2. Setup automatic update download via torrent RSS in the "Updates" folder of the game client (µtorrent RSS tutorial). Click here to update the NA World of Warplanes client. 

What are the system requirements?

Actual minimal system requirements are presented below and are subject to change.

  • Operating system: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8
  • Processor (CPU): Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
  • Memory(RAM): 2 GB
  • Videocard: Shaders 3.0 (GeForce 8600 GT, Intel HD 4000, Radeon HD 2600/higher)
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Free Hard Drive Space: 19 Gb (recommended — 30 Gb)
  • Internet connection speed: 256 Kbps

What operating systems does the game support?

World of Warplanes supports Microsoft Windows series operating systems (see above). Plans of porting the game to other platforms, if any, will be revealed further on.

Will I need to create a new account for World of Warplanes if I already play World of Tanks?

No. You will be able to use your unified Wargaming.net account to log into and play all the games in the Wargaming family. If you have already created an account for World of Tanks at an earlier point, you will not need to register a new account for World of Warplanes to have access to it. 

Where can I find the latest version of the update notes for World of Warplanes?

You can find the latest update notes on the Updates page here or you can discuss them on the forum here.

How can I adjust my settings for optimized game performance?

If you're having trouble with game performance, the following tips can help improve your World of Warplanes experience. 

  • Downloading and updating World of Warplanes requires additional space on your hard drive (up to 10 GB). Make sure that you have enough space on your hard drive where  your game folder is located.
  • Files from all previous updates are stored in the Updates folder and use up space on your hard drive. After updating your client to the most recent version, you can remove all files from the Updates folder.
  • Graphics settings affect your game performance. If your computer has problems with game performance, set your graphics to Low. It may not look as nice, but the FPS (frames per second) will increase significantly. You can also significantly improve the performance by reducing your screen resolution.
  • Sound settings also affect game performance. Turn off the sound effects in the game (or reduce their quality): they’re making the game atmosphere more realistic, but it can be slowing your system down.
  • Running large downloads (such as torrents) can also affect game client performance. If you have high ping*, please make sure to close any download programs that may be running, or any automatic download or installation processes that may be running on your computer (the latter may cause sudden drops in FPS).
  • FPS can be improved by installing your video card’s latest drivers. Make sure to regularly check and update your video card’s drivers. If you have an Nvidia video card on your computer, use the official Nvidia GeForce Experience tool, which will also help you set optimal graphics settings.
  • Other programs can be used to further optimize game performance. If you have low FPS on computers with low performance, try using a booster program, which will disable any unnecessary operating system processes while the game is running. For example, Razer Game Booster.  http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.php

*Ping — is a measurement of how fast the connection is to the game server. For example, a player with low ping (for example: 50) is going to have a better game experience than a player with high ping (for example: 250). 


What is the total amount of warplanes so far? Will it increase or remain the same?

Currently, World of Warplanes features more than 135 planes from the USA, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, China and Great Britain. This number will be constantly growing while we’ll be adding new planes and nations, until we reach up to 100 models per nation. Right now we have from 2 to 41 planes per nation, which shows you that you can definitely expect more from us in the future. 

What types of warplanes are presented in the game?

As of now, there are six nations (the USA, Germany, Japan, the USSR, Great Britain & China) in the game. Each nation (except Chine and Japan) will have at least two lines of warplanes that will belong to four main classes: fighters, heavy fighters, attack-aircraft and multirole fighters. Later on, all initial nations will get additional branches. Every tech tree contains vehicles from Tiers I to X.

What’s the difference between plane classes? What roles will they be given?

Fighters struggle for air dominance in dogfights, defend allies and intercept hostile machines - they are rather light and thus belong to the most maneuvrable aircraft in the game, whose main mission is close air-to-air combat. Attack-aircraft, with their lack of agility, try to survive fighter attacks and aim at destroying ground targets. They can engage in air combat of course, but it is not their main priority. Heavy fighters will be somewhere between the two former classes, playing as universal soldiers. The typical role of a heavy fighter is intercepting enemy ground-attack planes as well as battering mildly defended ground objects and use their speed to outrun chasing fighters. The fourth group is multirole fighters. These aircraft can be found in every nation's tech tree and feature properties of both fighters and attack aircraft. As such, they are still maneuverable enough to participate in dogfights (albeit not as well as specialized fighters), however, they also possess the ability of carry high-penetration weapons, rockets and bombs. Multirole fighters can therefore be played as hybrids, allowing you to concentrate on ground targets first, and then join the aerial fighter later to further support your team.

What’s the advantage of Premium planes and how do I acquire one?

Rather than being researched and then bought through XP and Credits gained from battles, Premium planes can be purchased using Gold – an in-game currency which can only be bought for real money.

Premium planes are also available in the Premium Shop.

A Premium plane's advantages are:

  • It does not need to be researched
  • It earns more Credits per battle
  • It comes with instant ‘Elite’-status which allows Experience earned to be converted to Free Experience with the use of Gold
  • It comes with the possibility for ‘Accelerated crew training’ from the first battle on
  • There is no penalty applied or retraining necessary in case of transfer of crew from an aircraft of the same type



How realistic is World of Warplanes? Does the behavior of game models correspond with the behavior of their real-life prototypes?

We are trying to keep the balance between realism and captivating gameplay. That’s why, at its core, World of Warplanes is a mixture between a simulator and an arcade game. On one hand, the game has a precise and comprehensive flight engine that includes aerodynamics for every plane, and a complex damage system that affects the behaviour of warplanes in various ways. Moreover, all performance characteristics have been taken from historical sources.  On the other hand, our major goal is to make the game more interesting and dynamic, which is why we tweak our gameplay to achieve the best result. This is what gives the game its unique character.

How long does an average battle last?

In theory, there is a 15-minute limit for every battle. However, in practice, plane fights are much more dynamic and adrenaline-packed than tank encounters for example. So in World of Warplanes an average battle will last from 5 to 7 minutes.

Do newbies get a chance to practice their skills in single-battle missions (i.e. is there be any practice mode)? Is this mode available offline?

We offer a tutorial mode for newcomers, which helps them understand the interface of the game and teaches them basic piloting skills. As well as that, there is also the Single Battle mode, in which you’ll be able to train on your own against NPC bots, without the pressure of having to play against other maybe more experienced players.

This  tutorial mode is available online only because the flight engine and battle logic are both calculated on the server, irrespective of the chosen game mode.

What are the control methods?

Players can choose between several different control-schemes: keyboard, mouse, joystick and even a gamepad to control their aircraft in the game. All methods are receiving constant development and polishing to ensure maximum effectiveness in battle. There is also the option to re-map and re-calibrate each and every one of the supported control methods to customise it and adapt it to your personal preferences. All the options are equally effective, so it is purely a matter of taste which one of them you choose. To achieve victory, players should think about tactics, not about the type of joystick to use.

Does World of Warplanes support auto aiming?

Auto-aiming is quite a complicated thing for air combats, because most weapons do not have turrets and thus simply follow the trajectory of the plane they’re mounted on.

However, there is a lead-aim-indicator that’s available to you through your interface in the game. It does not technically guide any bullets but rather shows you dynamically where you should aim in order to hit the target that you’ve locked on to. 

Are the teams in the game have to consist of planes of only one nation?

Before each battle, the game will divide players into two teams, based on the tier (level) of their chosen aircraft, trying to make both teams equal in overall power. This means that a team can consist of vehicles belonging to different nations, tiers and classes.

What types of ammo are available? Can we choose when to fire which type as in World of Tanks?

Players will use historical ammunition: cumulative, high-explosive, armor-piercing and some more variations of bullets and shells. It’ll be up to you whether you want to shoot all your guns (with maybe different types of ammo) at once, or whether you want to equip a specific ammunition type before battle.

Along with shells and bullets, players will be able to use unguided missiles and various kinds of bombs.

Can I switch to a free camera mode after my plane has been destroyed?

After you are shot down or crash, there is a "following camera" mode in which you can rotate the view whilst following one of your teammates' plane. In this "following camera" mode, the interface remains visible so that you have maximum information regarding the course of the battle. There is also a "Cinematic Camera" mode, the interface is reduced to a minimum so you can best take the visual experience of action-packed dogfighting.

How do I use the tailgunner?

The tailgunner (TG) is automatic. When there is a clear field of fire at an in-range enemy, the TG fires. As an expert gunner, he fires in bursts. The TG cannot damage your own plane, teammates, or ground targets of any kind. You can train your TG, like any crewmember. Once trained to 100%, you can select a general skill, and once you have a general skill to 100%, you can select a more specific skill if/when those are announced.

Better trained TG's appear to perform better. If your plane has TG upgrades, you can research and buy them. For example, 20mm upgrades appear to add no weight, and they do more damage to enemy planes, even at longer ranges.
You can bank your plane and otherwise provide your TG with a good field of view. For example, if a plane zooms past you and turns right, banking to the right gives the TG a shot.

While TG-equipped planes are not the first choice for "turn fighting," if you do end up in a turn, your TG can often fire across the circle, damaging the enemy plane. Enough damage, and you get the kill.

How do I take a screenshot?

You use the print screen key to the right of the Function keys that go across the top of the keyboard. As for posting it, you have to upload the picture to a picture hosting site like imgur.com. You can find your saved screenshot in "My Pictures." If you hit the "Pause Break" key, it captures a screenshot with none of the UI showing.

Once you have the image uploaded on an image hosting site, right-click the picture and select "Copy Image Location." After that, open up the reply box and select the small icon that has a tree on it. A box will pop up asking for the image URL and you just paste the copied URL you got from before.



What are the typical dimensions of a battle map? What’s the reason for choosing that particular size?

The size depends on a battle scenario. Players should have an opportunity to find an enemy easily, yet they also need some space for manoeuvers and tactical decisions.

Are there any destructible elements on battlefields?

There are lots of breakable elements on the maps. Most of them are passive or active ground objects: houses, infrastructure, AA cannons or ships. We are aiming at making most of the elements on the map destructible.

Can we see the weather conditions change or a day-and-night time cycle?

Yes, we are planning to implement different times of day and weather conditions. These factors will have an effect on visibility, plane behaviour and victory conditions.


What is a Tech Tree and what is it for?

Right now you can find planes from six nations in World of Warplanes – the USA, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, Great Britain and China. Each nation’s tech tree (catalogue of available planes) consists of aircraft from Tier I to Tier X. In order to obtain a desired aircraft, players will first need to research and then buy it for experience points and in-game credits.

How do you upgrade your warplane? What do you need to do to be able to move to the next plane on the tech tree?

You can follow up the research process for every plane by looking at it in its detailed tech tree view. As you earn experience points from playing the game, you’ll be able to spend these on the research of stronger modules. Every plane (except for Premium planes) comes with a multitude of optional modules that you may install to further increase the performance of your aircraft. Whilst you do not need to install all the modules available, you will be required to research some of them before moving on, as they are prerequisites for the next plane. Once  all such necessary modules for your current plane have been researched, and you have sufficient experience points, you can research its successor and later on choose to buy it for credits. These are also awarded for participation in battle.

What is the difference between Experience and Free Experience?

The difference is that ‘Free Experience’ can be used for the research of any plane in any tech tree, whereas ‘regular experience’ is only collected and tied for use on the specific aircraft with which you earned it. You earn Free Experience either naturally as a reward for playing in battles (5% of your total won experience is granted as Free experience) or you can convert experience into ‘Free Experience’ using Gold.

Does World of Warplanes has Consumables or additional Equipment?

Yes, both of these things are available in the game for all planes in your hangar.

Just as in World of Tanks, there are simple and complex equipment that you can install permanently on your aircraft to further increase its performance according to your specific needs and the role you want to play in your battles.
Consumables can also be loaded onto your aircraft. However, just as their name suggests, they are ‘consumed’ when you use them in battle and you will need to resupply them if you want to use them again on the same plane next time around. 

Do planes have their own crews? What skills are available for crew members?

Every plane has a crew. Most of the planes have only one crew member – a pilot. But there are some vehicles that have gunners. All crew members will gain experience and learn new skills.

Can I keep more than one aircraft in my hangar?

Players’ personal hangers are able to store several aircraft at once regardless of their country of origin. I.e. you can simultaneously keep American, German, and Russian vehicles in your hangar and use any of these at any time. Moreover, you can buy additional hangar slots to expand your fleet of planes.

Is there another way to boost my progress in the game?

Just as in World of Tanks, players are able to buy Premium time for Gold. When playing with a Premium account, players gain 50% more Experience points and Credits per battle. 


How does the World of Warplanes economy work?

In World of Warplanes players have Credits which they gain by taking part in battles and eliminating enemy aircraft or ground targets. As well as Credits, there is Gold that every player can purchase for real money. This can be used for various purposes to make your gaming experience a little more accessible and convenient. However, you won’t be able to purchase in-game bonuses or have any advantages during the battle from the use of this Gold currency. 

Does a losing team get Credits after a battle?

Yes, the losing team does earn some Credits. However, the amount is less than what the winning team would receive.

Will we be able to use any elements gained in World of Tanks in World of Warplanes?

Since you will be playing on Unified accounts, Premium time, Gold and Free Experience are shared between World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. Follow the news to be notified when new features becomes available.

Clan Wars

Are there any clans in the game?

Yes, World of Warplanes features a fully-intergrated clan system that's even shared across both available Wargaming titles. Players can unite in a clan and play together in this game group in World of Tanks as well as World of Warplanes. Playing in a clan adds a whole new layer to the game and gives you the opportunity to find new friends and playing buddies. Go to our dedicated Common Clan portal to find out more about clans in World of Warplanes.

Will there be a Clan Wars for World of Warplanes as in World of Tanks?

Yes, there will definitely be a Clan Wars feature for World of Warplanes at some point that will resemble the World of Tanks version. We will announce further details on how this mode will function and when it will be released at a later stage of development. 

Will battles played in World of Tanks Clan Wars have an effect on World of Warplanes Clan Wars?

We are thinking about finding a way to link the two Clan Wars and have them affect each other in some fashion. However, these plans are not final yet and will be disclosed only after thorough research and testing. 

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