Hall of Fame (FAQ)

What is the Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame features player ratings. In the Hall of Fame, you can view detailed statistics on the battles fought and compare your achievements with the results of other players.

How can I enter the Hall of Fame?

To enter the Hall of Fame, you need to participate in 1000 aerial battles.

What determines my position in the ratings?

The players are rated on the following categories:

Total Number of Battles Fought
Average Experience per Battle
Maximum Experience per Battle
Total Experience
Victories/Battles Ratio
Survive Ratio
Average Damage Caused to Aircraft per Battle
Average Number of Aircraft Destroyed per Battle
Average Number of Targets Destroyed per Battle
Average Damage Caused to Targets per Battle
Total Damage Caused to Aircraft
Total Number of Aircraft Destroyed
Total Number of Targets Destroyed
Total Damage Caused to Targets

The list of rating categories displayed depends on the rating period selected. To view a player rating in a certain category, click a category name in the rating table.

What timespan do the ratings cover?

The Hall of Fame provides statistics for the following rating periods:

Rating periodBattles fought
 Overall 1000 battles since account creation
 4 weeks 100 battles in the last 28 days
 7 days 20 battles in the last 7 days
 1 day 5 battles in the last 24 hours

To view player ratings for a certain rating period, click a period name in the rating table.

How often are the ratings updated?

The ratings are updated daily. The ratings always display your results from the previous day; all your achievements from today will be included in the ratings tomorrow.

How can I see my position in the ratings?

Your position in the rating table is highlighted once you log in to the portal.

Can I track the changes in my rating?

The index beside your rating position indicates your rating dynamics:

green — a rise in the rating;
red — a drop in the rating.

The index shows the number of rating points you have gained or lost over the previous day. The index is updated daily with the ratings.

Why have I been outranked by another player with the same score?

If two or more players have the same score, the player whose account was created earlier is rated higher.

How can I find another player in the ratings?

To find another player in the ratings, enter the player name into the search field and press Enter.

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