World of Warplanes

Breathtaking air battles with planes of the golden era of military aviation in a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game.

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Nations and Time Periods

American planes compete well with the other nations in speed, and are able to withstand long battles due to their good armor and can  destroy the enemy at just the right time with its heavy caliber guns.

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Team Play (Flights)

Even the best of the best are powerless when the enemy has a bead on them. When you form Flights, you can coordinate actions with friends, intercept enemies and destroy ground targets -- the power of teamwork!

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Types of Aircraft

Train your battle skills for three classes of aircraft, each having its own unique equipment, purpose and behavior in battle. Acquire and improve over 130 aircraft by purchasing new weaponry, modules, and other upgrades!

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Heavy Fighters

• Dominate at high altitudes, dive intercepting attacks and quickly disappear to the sky.

• Able to fire from long distances. Have worse maneuverability than fighters, but superior in strength and firepower.

• Effective against ground attack planes and other heavy fighters, and for destrying ground targets not protected by anti-aircraft artillery.

Attack Aircraft

• These planes are able to change the outcome of the battle with wise actions against enemy ground targets.

• Equipped with heavy assault weapons and well-armored, these aircraft can withstand the fire of anti-aircraft guns and take punishment from enemy fighter planes.

• Besides absolute superiority in head-on attacks, they can also damage an enemy plane enough to sideline it from battle completely.


• The backbone of an air force, fighters often determine the outcome of the battle. Speedy ​​and maneuverable, these aircraft are designed mainly for the search and destruction of enemy aircraft.

• Depending on the characteristics of a particular plane, they can force vertical or horizontal battle situations, guard themselves via terrain, destroy the enemy with the first burst, or exhaust the enemy in twisting, winding chases.

• More effective in Flights, and invaluable for covering ground attack planes and heavy fighters when they're working on ground targets.


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