Aircraft Classes


Designed for maneuvering engagements, these aircraft offer the greatest variety of tactics to use. Fighters are divided into the following groups according to nation, design school, and the ways in which they can be employed in battle: (1) aircraft for vertical combat ("boom-n-zoomers"), aircraft for horizontal combat (turnfighters) and multi-role aircraft that are superior to turnfighters in dynamics and to boom-and-zoomers in maneuverability.


Featured Fighters

  • Supermarine Spitfire V   Supermarine Spitfire V
    VI tier
    • Maneuverability better than the Fw. 190A-5
    • Energy conservation better than the A6M5
    • Two 20mm cannons and Four 7.7mm machine guns
  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-5   Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-5
    VI tier
    • Very high speed for its tier
    • Excellent energy conservation
    • Four 20mm cannon and Two 13.2mm machine guns
  • Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero   Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero
    VI tier
    • Better agility
    • Excellent responsiveness
    • Two 20mm cannon and Two 7.7mm machine guns

Heavy Fighters

These “hunters” offer the advantages of heavy armament and good airspeed. Heavy fighters feature poor maneuverability and dynamics, but prove deadly in diving attacks. They often carry a rear gunner for defensive purposes. Some heavy fighters can also be successfully used as fighter-bombers.


Featured Heavy Fighters

Attack Aircraft

Strike aircraft ideal for destroying ground targets. These aircraft carry the widest range of bombs and rockets along with powerful machine guns and autocannons. Currently, World of Warplanes features a branch of the Ilyushin heavily-armored attack aircraft of the Soviet tech tree.


Featured Attack Aircraft

Premium aircraft

Special aircraft available for purchase without research. They earn more credits per battle compared to other aircraft. Crew proficiency is trained to 100% when a Premium aircraft is purchased. No penalty or retraining is required to transfer crew from aircraft of the same type. Accelerated crew training is available from the first battle, and Premium aircraft already have the “Elite” status that enables players to earn Free Experience faster!

Featured Premium Aircraft

Recently Added Aircraft

Bell P-39Q-15 Airacobra Bell P-39Q-15 Airacobra VI Gift aircraft Fighter
Supermarine Spitfire V DB 605 Supermarine Spitfire V DB 605 VI Gift aircraft Fighter
Grumman XP-50 Grumman XP-50 VI Gift aircraft Heavy Fighter
Kawasaki Ki-88 Kawasaki Ki-88 VI Gift aircraft Fighter
North American Mustang Mk.I North American Mustang Mk.I VI Gift aircraft Fighter

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