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Operation Flax Weekend

This weekend, we reflect on a historic air campaign over the skies of North Africa with specials and missions.

Update 1.3 Has Arrived!

Fasten your seatbelts and kick your engines into overdrive as you prepare to take flight with the American Heavy Fighters that arrive in latest update.

Easter Egg Hunt

Join in on the hunt! Search through the World of Warplanes Portal, forum threads and social media channels for hidden Easter eggs for your chance to win Gold!

Weekly Missions: Get Airborne!

Battle your way towards Premium time with this week's missions.

The Siege on Malta

This weekend we look back at the intense siege on the small island of Malta.

Premium Shop Special Offer for Gift Card Users

Beginning April 18, there is a special limited-time offer for Premium Shop customers who use gift cards!

Missions and Objectives

This week we’re rewarding you for wreaking havoc on enemy forces.

Update 1.3 Public Test important

Check out all the features of the next update before its release by participating in the public test of the upcoming version of World of Warplanes.

Video Contest: Follow the Leader Episode 2

Gold's on the line, so here's your chance to be a stunt pilot with a chance to win!

Flying Bunkers Weekend

Get increased crew experience and discounts on barracks, camouflage and Ground Attack Aircraft!