Game Events

Weekly Missions: Get Airborne!

Battle your way towards Premium time with this week's missions.

The Siege on Malta

This weekend we look back at the intense siege on the small island of Malta.

Missions and Objectives

This week we’re rewarding you for wreaking havoc on enemy forces.

Flying Bunkers Weekend

Get increased crew experience and discounts on barracks, camouflage and Ground Attack Aircraft!

Flight Plan to the Corsair

This month, we showcase a legendary American Fighter with a round-up of discounts and new missions.

Around the Globe

Join us in celebrating the 90th anniversary of the first flight around the globe with equipment discounts and experience bonuses.

April Fool's Special Missions

Complete our two special April Fool’s assignments and be rewarded with exclusive in-game items that you won’t be able to unlock any other way!

New Recruits Weekend

This weekend is the perfect opportunity to do some hangar management and complete battle missions.

Cold Warriors: Part 2

There's speed and then there's jet age speed! Check out these fast-hitting specials, missions and Premium shop bundles!

Cold Warriors: Part 1

Take advantage of Credit discounts for both US and USSR aircraft!