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Back to School: Flight Academy - Week 4 Contest important

For the final week of Back to School, your assignment is warplane history!

Change Your Password Event important

We're offering 300 Gold to all players that successfully update their passwords. Update yours today!

Flight Plan to the Fw. 252 important

Check out what makes the Focke-Wulf 252 a wolf in the skies with these specials!

Let Them Fight! Weekend

Enjoy a Crew XP bonus as you get some new fighters and heavy fighters for your Hangar!

Back to School: Flight Academy - Week 3 Contest

This week, your Back to School subject is applied science in bombs!

Back to School: Flight Academy - Graduation

Put your newly developed skills to the test and graduate with discounts, missions, and highest honors!

Back to School: Flight Academy - Week 2 Contest

The second subject in your curriculum during Back to School month is math. Count up your rockets, tally your takedowns, and subtract enemy planes from the equation!

Video Guide: Yak-9

Learn to use this tier VI Soviet fighter to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!

Back to School: Flight Academy - Week 2

Time to enter advanced classes; we've got discounts, bonuses, and missions to help with your homework!

Flight Plan to the IL-40P

The svelte Soviet attack aircraft, the IL-40P, is in our sights! Take advantage of the event to form your own flight plan to grabbing this tier X monster!

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