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Special: The Sky's the Limit, Part III

This weekend is the perfect time for you to put a few more Credits into your flight jackets.

Unified Premium Account important

Unified Premium accounts now work across all games. Click through to learn more about this important new feature.

PAX Challenge: Take Flight and Win Big!

PAX is upon us and we want to share some of the excitement with you! This is your chance to show your skills and earn some in-game Gold.

Update 0.5.2 is Now Live

0.5.2 Update has official dropped and has introduced our Unified Premium account as well as making adjustments for a number of aircraft. Click through to learn all of these details.

Unified Premium Coming August 29th

With the launch of the 0.5.2 Update, Unified Premium accounts will go into effect. What does this mean for you? Click through to find out.

Gamescom: World of Warplanes Developer Q&A

Our developers were on hand during Gamescom answering many burning questions regarding the future of World of Warplanes. Click through to find out what we revealed!

v0.5.1 Feedback Requested

Calling all testers! As usual, we're very interested in what you think of the latest build. Your feedback and comments are what pilots the creation of our game!

Video Contest: Follow the Leader

Can you pull off awesome aerial maneuvers shown in our demonstration video? If so, there's a chance to win World of Tanks Gold!

Air Raid I: Sky Rules

Introducing tournaments to World of Warplanes! We'll be keeping it pretty simple during our first test flight with this new format. Why don't you join us!

Gamescom Special Event

Hot on the heels of announcing the release date for World of Warplanes, we're putting a number of discounts on a variety of aircraft throughout the weekend.

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