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Skywriting Contest II

Pilots! You had so much fun with this last time that we decided to test out your skills with a new word to spell.

Bastille Day Weekend

Experience boosts and increased earnings à la carte! This weekend’s special will keep you soaring!

Comic Strip Contest

Have a great sense of humor but a shortage on Gold? Enter our comic strip contest and you just may win.

Weekly World of Warplanes Stream with Mugsy and Hathore

Join us on the air with Mugsy and Hathore every Friday at 5pm PDT.

Tip of the Day: Victory Conditions

In today’s Tip of the Day, we take a look at World of Warplanes' Victory Conditions.

Flight School: Episode 1

Welcome to World of Warplanes, get your first instruction with this episode of Flight School; a recurring series designed to turn you into an ace!

World of Warplanes Skin Contest

We want to see some real birds in flight, so make us a skin that meets the requirements and you may just win some Gold!

The Number One Wingman Event

Attention all tier I pilots! If you're an expert at covering your allies, this week's event is for you.

Community Spotlight: Lunamaria

Being an ace is not the only thing this guy’s good at! Check out Lunamaria's model making!

Independence Day Weekend

Now that Open Beta is officially underway, it's time to take advantage of some Credit and Experience bonuses!

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