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World of Warplanes Beta Key Giveaway at GameSpot

Still looking for a chance to get into the World of Warplanes Closed Beta?

Wargaming Player Gathering Recap

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our San Francisco player gathering at Mars Bar!

Flying Fortress Caption Contest Winners

It's been a little while in getting here, but we've put together your podium of winners for the second World of Warplanes Caption. Congratulations to our witty wordsmiths!

World of Warplanes Gets Major Update important

World of Warplanes, now at version 0.4, has been updated with a completely overhauled flight model as well as improved mouse controls.

World of Warplanes Dev. Diaries, Part 6 is proud to present the sixth World of Warplanes Developer Diary. This entry focuses on the renewed gameplay, improved graphics, and new game controls .

Web Portal Downtime on February 19

We'll be running some scheduled maintenance on the web portal tomorrow morning.

San Francisco Player Gathering

Come hang out with the Wargaming America crew in our home city!

History Spotlight: Victory Mail

It's Valentine's Day, a time when we hope everyone hears from, or tells, a certain someone they're a special part of another person's life. E-mails and text messages are commonplace now-a-days, but what were a WWII soldier's options?

Calling Pilots in Houston, TX & Mobile, AL

Since we'll be passing through Mobile, AL next week, WGA will be facilitating a social meet and greet. In addition, we've confirmed a location for our player gathering in Houston, TX on February 18th.

Project Spitfire Video: Gradiometry & Magnetometry

The spitfire science team chats with Wargaming's Gavin Longhurst about the scientific methodologies involved in the search for aircraft buried 57 years ago in Burma.

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