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Forbes' Latest Impressions of the Closed Beta

Forbes contributor, Daniel Tack, shares his initial thoughts regarding the current build of World of Warplanes.

Wargaming Road Tour

Wargaming is happy to announce the official kick-off of the first ever Wargaming Road Tour!

Scheduled Portal Maintenance on March 7th

A variety of services will be taken offline for a significant period of time on March 7 in order to deploy an update.

Interview With Lead Producer Anton Sitnikau

Here is your chance to read what Anton Sitnikau, lead producer for World of Warplanes, has to say about the philosophy behind the game, and what he thinks of competing World War II flight combat games.

March 2013 Air Show Calendar

High quality graphics help make the planes in World of Warplanes look fantastic, but nothing compares to getting a chance to see some of these classic aircraft up close or in flight.

World of Warplanes Gallery: Brilliant Suns

We've put together a gallery of a few images for those of you who are not yet in the beta, or can't quite run at the maximum settings. New desktop background, anyone?

World of Warplanes Beta Key Giveaway at GameSpot

Still looking for a chance to get into the World of Warplanes Closed Beta?

Wargaming Player Gathering Recap

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our San Francisco player gathering at Mars Bar!

Flying Fortress Caption Contest Winners

It's been a little while in getting here, but we've put together your podium of winners for the second World of Warplanes Caption. Congratulations to our witty wordsmiths!

World of Warplanes Gets Major Update important

World of Warplanes, now at version 0.4, has been updated with a completely overhauled flight model as well as improved mouse controls.

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