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Announcing the November Creative Contest Winners

We hope you had fun writing for this creative contest. Click through to read the winning submissions.

Caption Contest: December 11th [Update]

It's the first caption contest for World of Warplanes!

Working on the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor

Our very own SgtGrunt shares his personal story about helping prepare the USS Arizona Memorial for the 50th anniversary ceremony of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

71 years ago today the world changed. How do you plan on remembering December 7th, 1941?

Vote for the Thanksgiving Creative Contest Winner

Choose your favorite entry for the Thanksgiving Creative Contest.

Forum Maintenance on December 4

The World of Warplanes forum will be down for maintenance on December 4.

Portal Maintenance on November 28th

The portal will be coming down to perform a short maintenance.

Server and Portal Maintenance November 21st

The server and portal will be coming down to perform a short maintenance.

Media Coverage: Victor Kislyi funds hunt for buried Spitfires

Wargaming's CEO, Victor Kislyi, becomes the financial backer for a quest to recover long buried Spitfires from Burma.

History Spotlight: Douglas C-47

Not every plane vital to the war effort was fast flying or gun carrying; the National WWII Museum brings us a closer look at the Douglas C-47.

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