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Short Maintenance on May 21, 2013 important

In order to improve certain aspects of the game, we’ll have a short maintenance tomorrow.

Community Spotlight: LordAlexander

Meet LordAlexander; he has a passion for flying, and a talent for making paper airplanes!

Sky Frontier Weekend

In celebration of, well, just for the sake of celebrating our game, we'll be providing more experieince for first victories of the day throughout the weekend!

Community Spotlight: ireconi

Learn about what makes our resident Community Ace, ireconi, such a great fisherman!

Victory Day Weekend important

In celebration of Victory Day, the end of World War II in Europe, we'll be putting a number of discounts on many of the aircraft in World of Warplanes. Click through to see all of the details and get airborne!

Community Spotlight: Heh

Get to know our resident Skywhale Historian and Biologist, Heh!

0.4.2 is Now Live important

There are some great changes that were just added to the World of Warplanes closed beta. Click through to read the 0.4.2 patch notes to learn more.

Community Spotlight: Yoott

You may know him from World of Tanks; he is quite an accomplished player there, but we invited him to take on the skies, and test his skills with us here in World of Warplanes.

Forum and Portal Maintenance on April 25 important

Forum and Portal will go down for a short maintenance

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