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"Churchill's Gift" Special

In celebration of the "Lend-Lease" program during World War II, the P-40 M-105 and the P-40 will be discounted for the next several days.

Game Update is now live!

The latest update to World of Warplanes is now available for the North American region. With it come some changes to the in-game economy and new aircraft is introduced.

Launcher and Game Client Maintenance, July 22

In order to improve stat tracking and launcher functions, there will be a brief maintenance period for World of Warplanes.

Community Spotlight: Komadant

We are pleased to introduce to you Komadant, a community member who dazzles us with their contributions, thoughts, and research articles.

"Watch Your Six!" Weekend

This weekend will be the perfect opportunity for you to earn some XP and add to your collection of aircraft during Open Beta.

Advent of the Jet Era Special

We're celebrating the first flight of the Me. 262 with a discount and a bonus on this historic jet.

Server Maintenance: July 16

There will be a brief period of server downtime while a small patch is applied to the client.

Community Spotlight: Jinxed_Katajainen

It's time to learn a little bit more about one of our favorite community members: Jinxed_Katajainen.

World of Warplanes Pre-order Bundles

Make the most of the pre-order bundle sales during Open Beta to save up to 30% off the cost of gold, premium time, and unique aircraft!

Tip of the Day: Defending Yourself

Learn how to fly defensively in the latest Tip of the Day for World of Warplanes.

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