Developers Blog: Flights

Flights, love them or hate them, they're due for a change!

Developers Blog: Balance

Making good on their commitment to more communication, the developers have created a new post about the nebulous subject of game balance!

Developers Blog: Communication

The developers have posted a brief announcement regarding future communications with you, our community!

Florida & Texas Player Events

The Warhawk will be quite active as he travels to two players gatherings in Florida and a meet and greet in Texas!

Daily Missions Removal and Overhaul

The Daily Missions feature, having arrived with Update 1.7, is scheduled to be removed and reworked. Details found inside and on the Developers Blog.

Wargaming Livestreams from PAX East!

Wargaming is rolling out to PAX East. Tune in for the livestream 11am - 3pm PST each day!

New Payment Methods in the Premium Shop important

Pilots from Latin America now have multiple new payment methods available in the Premium Shop!

Take Our Forum Experience Survey!

Help us gather feedback and enter a drawing for Premium goodies! Details inside.

Club Wargaming - Coming Soon!

Stay active in the Wargaming community and you'll have a chance of earning cool, unique prizes!

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