San Diego Comic-Con Player Gathering

Hey comic fans, join us at The Local on July 26!

New Payment Option: AstroPay

AstroPay provides players in Latin America with more than 25 new payment methods; Premium content just got more accessible!

Developers' Blog: Fine-Tuning the Graphics

Our developers have returned to the testing lab where they've come up with a guide on how to maximize graphics and performance on your PC!

Welcome to Earth

Latest intelligence indicates strange anomalies in the northern sector. You've been assigned to investigate and engage at will!

World of Warplanes Update 1.4.1 important

A new version is released with many issues addressed. Look here for details!

E3 Player Gathering

Meet players and Wargaming staff at E3 in Los Angeles June 11!

Wargaming Live at E3

We're giving away over $2,000 in prizes hourly as we stream live from the E3 floor June 10-12!

Update 1.4 Arrives! important

The new update delivers tons of new content: new Premium planes, maps, modules and more. Details inside!

Update 1.4 Public Test important

Check out all the features of the next update before its release by participating in the public test of the upcoming version of World of Warplanes.

It's Military Appreciation Month!

May marks a great opportunity to support military charities in recognition of Military Appreciation Month. Find ways to donate inside!

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