Closed Beta Test Begins important

We have reached an important milestone in the game development.

Closed Beta Announced important

More test pilots to be recruited from May 31

World of Warplanes Commemorates V-E Day important

World of Warplanes congratulates all its players on V-E Day!

There were Dragons important

Battle Dragons are indeed magnificent creatures, but mostly magical.

Public Offence and Punishment important

Responsible for leaks of confidential information from Global Alpha Test have been seriously reprimanded.

Soviet Hawks Occupy the Skies important

WoWp unveils Tech Tree, renders, screenshots and a video of Soviet warplanes in action.

World of Warplanes Welcomes Global Alpha Test Pilots has received more than 100 000 applications for the recently launched Global Alpha Test of MMO-action World of Warplanes.

Prepping for Takeoff! important

World of Warplanes Global Alpha begins, webportal gets bigger and better.

World of Warplanes Official Forum Launched

World of Warplanes gathers its community

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