Game Events

Mystery Mayhem - Halloween Weekend

Ghoulish spirits fill the air; get yourself a sweet treat as you take to the skies!

Flight Plan to the Supermarine Swift important

You might need to mount an aircraft polish to keep up with this swift British fighter!

Battle of Leyte Gulf Weekend Event

U.S. and Japanese warplanes are the focus on the anniversary of this tremendous naval and aerial battle.

Battle of Leyte Gulf Weekday Event

Train your Crews and take advantage of discounts on U.S. and Japanese warplanes during the anniversary of this historic conflict.

Flight Plan to the XF-90

Take to the skies and battle for supremacy in this fearsome American tier X heavy fighter!

Battle of Leyte Gulf

In line with the anniversary of this encounter, we have a rare challenge for you: earn 25,000 base XP this week, and be rewarded with a YP-29!

Heavy Duty Weekend

This weekend is all about the big boys; tangle with or in heavy fighters and win!

King and Country Weekend

Enjoy a x3 XP bonus while deciding which British aircraft to add to your air fleet during this weekend's special!

First Flight of the IL-2

This weekend, discounts, missions and bonuses are aimed at getting you into the cockpit of this storied Soviet warplane!

October Month-Long Missions important

Prove your mastery of the skies, and rewards await!

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