Game Events

On the Prowl

Sweep the skies and find some fun in this round-up of special discounts and more!

Flight Plan to the Me P.1101

Strap in for a high-flying set of discounts, bonuses, and missions on your way to the Me P.1101!

Attack from the Sea

This weekend special celebrates the daring aerial feats of one of the first stunt pilots in history. Enjoy discounts and other bonuses while battling for control of the skies!

Month-long Missions: January

Put your aerial prowess to the test with a series of missions designed to stuff your XP coffers.

Happy New Year important

There's no better way to sound off on the new year than with an x5 Experience bonus!

Merry Christmas

We're not entirely sure whether shooting your enemies out of the sky is naughty or nice, but here's a little something for the holiday!

Happy Holidays!

Log in to World of Warplanes to unwrap your holiday presents!

Christmas Quests and Rewards important

Try your luck at over 25 new holiday missions and win the exclusive German Dornier Do-17Z-7 Kauz!

Wright Brothers Weekend

Celebrate the famous aviator brothers' first flight with x3 XP on your first victories this weekend!

World Tour: Marathon to the Yak 3-RD important

This massive event features discounts and missions galore and lasts for nearly a month!

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