Game Events

Flight Plan to the Javelin

Get ready for some serious boom and zoom as you speed your way toward this T-tailed heavy fighter with all the discounts, missions, and Premium bundles included in this Flight Plan.

March Month-long Missions

Named for the Roman god of war, Mars, March brings with it a host of Missions to keep you flying high all month long!

Battle of the Java Sea

To commemorate this historic battle we've arranged for bonuses, discounts, and bundles featuring some of the ever-popular Japanese, US, and British aircraft!

Battle of Kasserine Pass

The Axis and Allies collide in the deserts of North Africa. Check out the latest specials as we recall this important battle.

Flight Plan to the Yak 30

It's a Yak attack! Scary thought, no? All that fur, hooves, and horns. Kinda cute when you... oh, that Yak... Yeah, equally as scary. Warplanes!

Love is in the Air

Is it, though? Sure it is! We love shooting down enemy aircraft, and we're reasonably sure you do to!

End of the Battle of Stalingrad

With this significant date in history, we've put together a batch of discounts, missions, and other specials!

Flight Plan to the F-86A Sabre

In this edition of Flight Plan we're offering discounts, missions, and Premium bundles to help you work your way to the blazingly fast F-86A Sabre!

February Month-long Missions important

February is a month of love, and if you complete these missions, it'll be a month TO love, as well!

Battle of Rennell Island

Discounts, bonuses, and bundles for the anniversary of the last naval engagement between the US and Japan forces during the Guadalcanal Campaign.

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