Game Events

End of the Battle of Berlin

Join with specials, discounts and a rewarding mission as we commemorate the end of World War II in Europe!

Flight Plan to the IL-40P

Strap on some bombs and ready your rockets, it's time to strafe your way to the IL-40P!

End of Operation Flax

Get ready to siphon x3 more XP out of your first victories this weekend!

Wrath of Ares Weekend

Ares himself would be pleased with this set of bonuses, discounts, Missions, and Premium bundles!

Flight Plan to the F7U

Prepare for some high-speed boom-and-zoom dueling with the Chance-Vought F7U Cutlass!

April Showers

May flowers are going to have to wait. You've got some serious piloting to do this weekend!

Final Four

Get ready to bring your A-game this weekend. We've got a pair of related missions that are going to fill your supply chest!

April Fools Event

Earn limited edition Camouflage, Emblems, and more with this special event!

April Month-long Misisons

No joke, we've got a mission with a reward that makes your cockpit a cool place to be!

Flight Plan to the J7W3

This edition of Flight Plan brings you all the discounts, Missions, and Premium bundles you'll need to speed your way to the J7W3, a fearsome Japanese multirole fighter.

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