Game Events

Thanksgiving Weekend

This extra-long weekend is getting an extra-large helping of bonuses, discounts, and missions: x5 XP for first victory and half-off on equipment!

Flight Plan to the La-15 important

Fly up the Soviet fighter line to the La-15 with these Credit discounts and bonuses, and bring the enemy down in flames!

Wulfs Fly Together Weekend

Enjoy discounts and the latest Missions as you form your best Flight, take to the skies and "wulfpack" your way to victory!

Clan Launch Missions

We celebrate the launch of Common Clans by offering bonuses to all of our Clan players!

Flight Plan to the Me 262 HG III important

These bonuses, discounts, and missions are just what you'll need to get behind the stick of one of the most fearsome aircraft to ever prowl the skies.

Veterans Day Weekend important

Enjoy a multitude of specials as we remember those served bravely throughout the world!

Month-Long Missions: November important

Grab consumables and Premium account time when you attempt these special missions all month long!

Mystery Mayhem - Halloween Weekend

Ghoulish spirits fill the air; get yourself a sweet treat as you take to the skies!

Flight Plan to the Supermarine Swift

You might need to mount an aircraft polish to keep up with this swift British fighter!

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