Game Events

Flight Plan to the J7W3

This edition of Flight Plan brings you all the discounts, Missions, and Premium bundles you'll need to speed your way to the J7W3, a fearsome Japanese multirole fighter.

Operation Varsity Weekend

With the an x3 First Win Bonus, and the assortment of discounts and Missions, this weekend's event is on a trajectory to intercept high-excitement!

Attack Aircraft Weekend

The best defense is a good offense, or so we've been told. No matter what you think of the adage, these aircraft pack a mean punch!

Flight Plan to the MiG-15bis

Perhaps the most famous of the modern era Soviet aircraft, it's time to accelerate your journey to the MiG-15bis with discounts, missions, and Premium bundles!

March to Victory Weekend

Don't pull that ejection lever just yet, we're pushing the limits with a weekend full of experience bonuses, discounts, missions, and Premium bundles!

March to Victory Mission

We're turning up the throttle with this latest mission. Deal some serious damage to net the bonus Crew experience reward!

PAX Weekend Event

If you're not 'lucky' enough to make the trip to Beantown to freeze your tail sections off for PAX, never fear! Bonuses, discounts, Missions and Premium bundles are here!

Flight Plan to the Javelin

Get ready for some serious boom and zoom as you speed your way toward this T-tailed heavy fighter with all the discounts, missions, and Premium bundles included in this Flight Plan.

March Month-long Missions

Named for the Roman god of war, Mars, March brings with it a host of Missions to keep you flying high all month long!

Battle of the Java Sea

To commemorate this historic battle we've arranged for bonuses, discounts, and bundles featuring some of the ever-popular Japanese, US, and British aircraft!

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