Game Events

Let Them Fight! Weekend

Enjoy a Crew XP bonus as you get some new fighters and heavy fighters for your Hangar!

Back to School: Flight Academy - Week 3 Contest important

This week, your Back to School subject is applied science in bombs!

Back to School: Flight Academy - Graduation

Put your newly developed skills to the test and graduate with discounts, missions, and highest honors!

Back to School: Flight Academy - Week 2

Time to enter advanced classes; we've got discounts, bonuses, and missions to help with your homework!

Flight Plan to the IL-40P

The svelte Soviet attack aircraft, the IL-40P, is in our sights! Take advantage of the event to form your own flight plan to grabbing this tier X monster!

Back to School: Flight Academy Weekend

Enjoy x3 XP on your first victories, discounts and more as we celebrate our first studious weekend back to school!

Back to School: Flight Academy Week 1

Enjoy discounts and missions designed to teach the enemy a lesson!

Operation: Hurricane - Month-Long Missions important

Here's an opportunity to climb into the cockpit of the tier V Premium Hurricane IID!

PAX Party Weekend

Healthy discounts and themed missions accompany Wargaming's attendance at the Penny Arcade Expo!

Meteor Madness Month-Long Missions

Week 4 is here -- Complete all of August's missions and the jet-powered British Meteor I is yours!

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