From the Developers Blog: Addressing Markers important

This time, the developers chime in to address recent feedback.

Mapping the Progress: National Park important

Take a tour of the redesigned National Park and see how the map has evolved in Update 1.5!

From the Developers Blog: Complex Ground Targets Part II important

In this installment, we continue our look at update 1.5’s system of Complex Ground Targets.

New Game Mode: Battle Against Bots

With Update 1.5 comes an entirely new challenge: Bots!

From the Developers Blog: Complex Ground Targets

How is the development team rethinking ground targets? Check our Developers Blog to find out!

Update 1.5 Public Test important

Check out all the features of the next World of Warplanes update before its official release by participating in our Public Test. The third iteration begins August 13!

August Wallpaper and Calendar

Lighten up your desktop with the twin-engined P-38J Lightning today!

Wargaming Road Tour at Thunder Over Michigan Air Show

Come visit the Road Tour Hummer to play games and get free stuff!

Portal Update: What's New? important

Come and check out the new features of our updated World of Warplanes portal!

July Wallpaper and Calendar

The powerful Me 262 Schwalbe soars onto desktops as this month's wallpaper!

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