Special Gold Offer Continues: PayPal & Credit Card

Here's one last chance to get your hands on these great deals on Gold using your credit card or PayPal account!

Special Gold Offer for PayPal & Credit Card Users

For a limited time, use your PayPal account or credit card to get access to these great Gold bundles!

Now Available in Brazil: BoaCompra Payment Method

Residents of Brazil can now get Gold and Premium Shop bundles using their BoaCompra Gold account!

Gift Cards for Gold

Now available - trade in the balance on your gift cards for in-game Gold!

New Years Special - Part 1 important

2015 is almost upon us; there's still time to get in some dogfighting!

Battle of the Bulge

We look back at the fierce Battle of Bulge with new specials and Premium bundles!

Offer for Amazon Payments Users important

Get access to three exclusive bundles in the Premium Shop!

Premium Shop Special for Karma Koin Users important

A new Gold and Premium Account bundle is available for Karma Koin users in the Premium Shop!

Cyber Monday Premium Bundles important

Stay aloft with this trio of packages designed to keep your Credit and XP income at its peak!

Special offer for TransBank users available only for Chile

For a limited time only, Chilean residents will have access to several exclusive Gold bundles!

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