Press about World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes Soars into Open Beta important

Wargaming's highly anticipated free-to-play flight combat MMO World of Warplanes has officially gone into open beta.

Interview With Lead Producer Anton Sitnikau

Here is your chance to read what Anton Sitnikau, lead producer for World of Warplanes, has to say about the philosophy behind the game, and what he thinks of competing World War II flight combat games.

World of Warplanes Gets Major Update important

World of Warplanes, now at version 0.4, has been updated with a completely overhauled flight model as well as improved mouse controls.

Media Coverage: Wargaming CEO on the "beauty and the curse" of free-to-play

Wargaming's CEO Victor Kislyi talks World of Warplanes and the Free to Play model.

Preview: Gaming Nexus on World of Warplanes

A multiplatform videogame website learns to dogfight, dodge bullets, and destroy ground targets.

MMORPG Previews World of Warplanes

MMORPG earns their wings with the latest beta build.

Intrerview: Two-In-One

Tactical Gamer talks with the developers.

Interview: World of Everything

Read the Verge’s take on the Wargaming battle trilogy.

Interview: Conquer the World

Interview with CEO Victor Kislyi.

Q&A with World of Warplanes Producer

An authoritative history magazine gets into the game.

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