Developers Blog: Balance Q&A Part 1

Anton Muskeev, Game Designer, tackles some difficult questions in the latest blog entry.

Flight Plan to the IL-40P

Strap on some bombs and ready your rockets, it's time to strafe your way to the IL-40P!

End of Operation Flax

Get ready to siphon x3 more XP out of your first victories this weekend!

Developers Blog: Flights

Flights, love them or hate them, they're due for a change!

Wrath of Ares Community Contest Part 2

Now comes the fun part: To appease Ares, you must destroy each other!

Wrath of Ares Weekend

Ares himself would be pleased with this set of bonuses, discounts, Missions, and Premium bundles!

Developers Blog: Balance

Making good on their commitment to more communication, the developers have created a new post about the nebulous subject of game balance!

Special Premium Shop Offer for Boleto Bancario Users

Residents of Brazil who use Boleto Bancario now have two exclusive Gold bundles available in the Premium Shop for a limited time!

Wrath of Ares Community Contest

April, named for Ares, the god of war, is the perfect time for a bit of competition. Here's your chance to win some Gold!

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