Update 1.5 Arrives important

This latest update is filled with top-notch content that many fans have been waiting for. Check out the latest additions to World of Warplanes!

From the Developers Blog: Complex Ground Targets Part II important

In this installment, we continue our look at update 1.5’s system of Complex Ground Targets.

New Game Mode: Battle Against Bots

With Update 1.5 comes an entirely new challenge: Bots!

PAX Player Gathering!

Join us in Seattle for a Wargaming gathering the week of PAX Prime!

Meteor Madness Month-Long Missions important

Week 3 is now live! -- Complete all of August's missions and the jet-powered British Meteor I is yours!

August Extravaganza Livestream important

Our final weekend of August Extravaganza kicks off with even more prizes LIVE from Wargaming!

Pilot's Delight Weekend

Reward your Crews with these bonuses and specials that are sure to delight!

From the Developers Blog: Complex Ground Targets

How is the development team rethinking ground targets? Check our Developers Blog to find out!

Update 1.5 Public Test important

Check out all the features of the next World of Warplanes update before its official release by participating in our Public Test. The third iteration begins August 13!

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