April Fools Event

Earn limited edition Camouflage, Emblems, and more with this special event!

Community Contest: April Fools Skin

Have a penchant for art and humor? Put your skills (or lack thereof) to the test for your chance at some Gold!

April Month-long Misisons

No joke, we've got a mission with a reward that makes your cockpit a cool place to be!

Mobile Payments Available in the Premium Shop important

Pilots from Latin America now have a new SMS payment option available when making purchases in the Premium Shop!

Clan Message Boards are Coming!

Learn more about the upcoming Clan Message Board and how it'll help relay important information to your Clan.

Flight Plan to the J7W3

This edition of Flight Plan brings you all the discounts, Missions, and Premium bundles you'll need to speed your way to the J7W3, a fearsome Japanese multirole fighter.

Operation Varsity Weekend

With the an x3 First Win Bonus, and the assortment of discounts and Missions, this weekend's event is on a trajectory to intercept high-excitement!

Florida & Texas Player Events

The Warhawk will be quite active as he travels to two players gatherings in Florida and a meet and greet in Texas!

Attack Aircraft Weekend

The best defense is a good offense, or so we've been told. No matter what you think of the adage, these aircraft pack a mean punch!

Special Gold Offer for Canadian Residents (Interac) important

Special Gold bundles will soon be available for online Interac users in Canada!

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