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Today, we’re flying through two of our new maps in the upcoming World of Warplanes Update: Adriatic and Fortress. These maps combine into our first exciting addition to World of Warplanes, and feature some elements that no previous maps have boasted. Soon, you'll be able to take to the skies in these two very different, vibrant arenas, and take down your enemies against a backdrop of live warfare and more. Get a first look below!


The land that makes up the Fortress map is known for its small provinces, open fields, a far-reaching river, and an all-ruling fortress that stands in the middle of the divide. Take note of the NPC tanks and ships that come alive on the battlefield -- Fortress is one of the few maps that contain this feature.

Get ready for an all-out aerial dogfight along the forefront of the castle walls. Fighter planes can experience most of the action within the northern border of the map, while ground attackers seek targets in the south. The middle portion of the battlefield is open for the taking, and creates opportunities for teams to turn the tide. Should you decide to take the risk, there is a river that separates the main area from the void. Follow along this path to devise a surprise attack as you make your way to enemy territory. But be forewarned: danger lies ahead, so be ever on your guard!

As a ground attacker, you have a couple of options in place. If you’re feeling gutsy, you can fly towards the top of the map and make your way into the enemy headquarters. This way, you can establish an early supremacy lead. The GA can also pursue a safer route by taking the southern side of the map. There you’ll find a few anti-aircraft defenses (AA’s) that is available at your disposal.

Fighter planes will more than likely play the support role throughout the entirety of the battle. 0The most common action will take place in the middle of the field, near where you'll find the church on the map.


This map is reminiscent of the Monte Cassino in Italy, with beautiful mountains towering over the abbey and town, stretching out to the sea. As on Fortress, beneath your plane you’ll find an active battle raging on both land and sea. In the distance, you will notice a singular, quaint lighthouse nestled on the edge of a cliff.

This map has two unique focal points. First, you’ll see the aforementioned battle to capture the town as it rages on in the center of the map. It's here you'll find a significant grouping of approximately 30 ground targets, including tanks and AA guns, all of which you will see exchanging volleys of rounds at each other. Atop the hills toward both teams’ bases, you can see an abbey overlooking the battle below.

The second focal point is located on the sea: a perpetual engagement unfolds on the waters just east of the city. There, you’ll tangle with more than 10 additional ground targets for your ground attack aircraft to focus on, while your fighters protect them. Needless to say, you’ll see heavy combat in both of these locations.

This leaves nearly the entire northwest side of the map covered by cascading mountains. As you know, a hilly landscape with several obstacles provides a perfect place to practice maneuvering skills in a dogfight or to hide from enemy planes. The sun glistens from the west side of these mountains casting a vast shadow over the battlefield.

Another feature of Adriatic is a plethora of destructible objects. Indeed, there are several hidden gems on this map for your destructive pleasure, but we won’t spoil them all for you here!

Look forward to getting airborne in these maps in the near future!

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