Video Contest: Follow the Leader Episode 2


Thanks to your high-flying antics, the first season of “Follow The Leader” was a rousing success! In season 2, we're stirring it up! While the basics of the competition remain the same, we decided to expand some of its rules both to facilitate participation and to add some new flavor to the format!

What's the Same?

Take to the skies in your aircraft and try and attempt to reproduce the maneuvers shown in our accompanying video.

What's New?

Now, you will have to be not only the best but also the fastest! While accuracy of your flight will still matter, we’re now also taking the time that each pilot needed to finish their run into account, rewarding those who are both precise and speedy!

In return for the additional degree of difficulty, we’re increasing the prize pool to reward you even more generously for your daring submissions!


The pilot submitting a video of successful completion of the contest maneuvers both most accurately and in the shortest time wins first place.

  • Best result +3 seconds: 6,000
  • +5 seconds: 5,000
  • +7 seconds: 4,000
  • +9 seconds: 3,000

As before, we haven't stopped rewarding your most spectacular botched attempts or most notable submissions for the most challenging assignments!

New Rules

Thanks to the newly introduced Replay feature of Version 1.2, you are no longer required to upload your submissions to YouTube to participate.

Now, to enter, all you need to do is send us an email to and include the replay file showing your run through the contest course. Be sure to include the following information in the subject of your message:

  • Episode of “Follow the Leader” that your submission is for
  • Your nickname
  • Your region (NA or EU server)
  • Time it took you to complete the challenge (measure from beginning of manoeuver to end of maneuver, not from beginning to end of the replay file)
  • Mark your submission as “Failed” if you’re submitting your attempt for the “Funny Fails” category

Once the competition is over, the top clips will be compiled into a new video that will also include the next maneuver for you to attempt.

If you’re unsure how to activate, find or view replay files, you can check out our helpful tutorial on the subject.

Finally, although you don’t technically need to upload your attempts to YouTube anymore to participate in the contest, you can of course continue to do so. Don’t hesitate to share your successful attempts or spectacular fails in your favorite social network or our own community forums. Who knows? You might make a name for yourself and even earn the reputation of being the biggest “Follow the Leader” daredevil out there!

You can now download the best replays from the last Follow the Leader episdoes here.

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