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Place Player Aircraft Time & Date (UTC)
1 Mongooser
X F-86A 2013-11-18 04:31:14
2 truemush
  X F-86A
2013-11-18 06:37:04
3 CrayolaCrayon
  X Me 262 HG III
2013-11-24 02:47:53
4 rev01ution
 Me 262HG II
2013-11-22 08:08:11
5 live2ride    FJ-1
2013-11-22 20:29:18
6 The_Decoy
   Me 262HG II
2013-11-22 20:33:48
7 xAlpha21x
   Me 262HG II
2013-11-23 04:29:07
8 ArrowZ_ Attacker 2013-11-23 05:32:08
9 KrispyKreme_    Me 262HG II
2013-11-23 14:10:45
10 Azuremere
2013-11-23 19:49:44

Latest results as of November 25, 00:00 PST. Check our Forum thread for overall rankings.


When World of Warplanes officially launches, two once-in-a-lifetime adventures will begin. The first is your quest to be the best historical military aviator you can be. The second is your race to be the fastest historical military aviator you can be. Why is speed important, you ask? Because of our ‘First to the Top’ contest of course!

Once World of Warplanes is officially released on November 13, you will have two weeks to show us how far up the tech tree you can climb! The higher you get and the faster you do it, the bigger the prize that you could win. Starting with tier V, you will be able to win Premium account time for your high-climbing accomplishments. Be among the first to get all the way up to tier X, and you will be rewarded with up to one year of free Premium account time! If you manage to be the first player overall to unlock and buy a tier X plane, you’ll receive 10 years of free Premium account time!


Pick a tech tree, start unlocking planes, and try to reach the top of the tree as quickly as possible.


The contest runs from the World of Warplanes release through Tuesday, November 26 22:00 PST (01:00 EST).



Objective Reward
Be the first player overall to buy a tier X plane 10 years Premium time
For each Tier X plane, be among the first 20 players to purchase it 1 year Premium time
Purchase a Tier X plane (outside of those first 20 players) 1 month Premium time
Purchase a Tier IX plane 3 weeks Premium time
Purchase a Tier VIII plane 2 weeks Premium time
Purchase a Tier VII plane 1 week Premium time
Purchase a Tier VI plane 3 days Premium time
Purchase a Tier V plane 1 day Premium time


Rewards will be distributed after the contest is over. Each player will be able to win only once – the best result is the one that counts for the contest.

As you can see, the launch of World of Warplanes will be a memorable experience. A total of 200 players will be rewarded with a full year of Premium account time, not to mention the lucky person who will win the race to the top and walk away with 10 years of Premium account goodness!

Don’t forget that with the Unified Premium Account, the Premium playing time earned would be valid for both World of Warplanes and World of Tanks, as well as for any other titles that Wargaming may release in the future. The race for top-tier glory is on!


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