Mouse Control Masterclass: The Wingover

Our single-plane air maneuver series comes to an end with a look at how to perform the Wingover.

Air Maneuver: Wingover

The Wingover is a specific kind of turn that allows the plane to change its direction up to 180 degrees while conserving its initial speed and altitude. The plane pitches up, gains altitude, turns to the side without banking too much, then comes down to its initial altitude while levelling off to horizontal again. It is used as an alternative to the Split-S or the Immelmann when a fast turn-around is needed.

On Standard

Move your mouse up to angle the view above your plane. This makes the aircraft pitch up and gain some altitude. When you’ve climbed enough (usually no more than 150m is needed), you need to start your turn by making an arc-like movement with your mouse. As with all other maneuvers that you perform on the standard controls, this movement needs to be fluid and consistent. Avoid jumping around with the cursor to limit shakiness and make the plane move as smoothly as possible. Stop moving the mouse as soon as your aiming circle touches the horizon again -- the plane will level itself off automatically, and you will be able to continue flying straight in your new direction at the same altitude as at the beginning of the maneuver.

Note: The longer you drag out the curve during your arc-like movement with the mouse, the wider your turn will be. Smaller arcs lead to steeper and smaller turns. Wider arcs make you turn more but over a longer time.

On Vector/Hybrid

Move the mouse cursor up and position it halfway between your plane and the upper edge of the control radius. Let the plane gain some altitude (2-3 seconds should usually be enough time), then move the mouse cursor horizontally to one side until the directional arrow is at a 45-degree angle and the cursor is positioned exactly in the middle of the upper-left or upper-right quadrant of your steering area.

Keep it there at this absolute position by moving the mouse down ever so slightly and watch the plane turn slowly turn to the side. Don’t move the cursor out too far to avoid the plane banking too much.

As soon as your aiming reticle touches the horizon, the turn is complete. Move the mouse cursor to the center of the far edge of the opposite side of the screen and keep it at this absolute position to level the plane off. There you go – you just did the Wingover!

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