GamingShogun: World of Warplanes Interview

We got the chance to ask’s World of Warplanes development team some questions regarding their upcoming online, aerial action game, World of Warplanes.

Q) Can you tell us a little bit about the challenges being faced by the development team in creating World of Warplanes?

World of Warplanes differs a lot from World of Tanks. WoWP is a game with full-scale three dimensionality battle space and the pace of game is much higher. So the main challenge was to adapt the gameplay to the new game conditions. Every plane is in constant movement and the rate of fire is tremendous, so players should react faster and perform maneuvers to survive, since there are no hideouts.

Q) What kind of flight sim will World of Warplanes be? Will it be a combat flight sim or more of an arcade flying game?

I would call it an Action MMO. It is closer to an arcade game with wide range of RPG elements. Like in World of Tanks, players will gain experience, upgrade their warbirds, train crew members and unlock new vehicles. As for the gameplay, both newbies and veterans will like it, because everyone will be able to choose the control mode they need. Freshmen pilots will have an opportunity to use “helpers” that will aid to control the flight. When a player gains enough skill to handle with full control of the machine, all “helpers” can be switched off step-by-step.

Q) Will players have the option to take off and land or will players start in the air?

The battle will begin in the air. Every vehicle will start at different altitude levels according to its class. But if your team wins, you will be able to go through a mini-game and land your plane to obtain some bonus for successful landing. In any way, the mini-game will be optional, so every player will be able to skip it.

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