Month-Long Missions: June


A new month has arrived, and we've got a new set of month-long missions and a special deal on Gold and Premium time to go with it. Regardless if you're dogfighting or watching enemy ground installations burn, these missions will reward those valiant enough with a combination of Consumables, Equipment and Credits! The skies are clear for takeoff pilot, set a course for -- destruction!

Start Date: Sunday, June 1, 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT)

End Date: Tuesday, July 1, 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT)

Mission / Objective Reward

Daily Firefighter

Win a battle and also place in the top 3 in XP earned on your team.

  • Once per day

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

 First Aid Kit

Lord Damage

Deal 50,000 damage to enemy aircraft.

  • Once per account
  • Fighters and heavy fighters only

Ground Terror

Destroy 500 enemy ground targets.

  • Tier IV or higher
  • Once per account
  • Ground attack aircraft only

Call Me The Master

Complete the missions Lord Damage and Ground Terror.

  • Once per account

1 Day of Premium

Improved Reflector Sight

Month-Long Premium Shop

The Name The Goods

June Special Deal


  •  25,000


  • 30 Days of Premium


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