World of Warplanes Micro Patch

The micro patch 1.2.1 will be released for World of Warplanes on March 19, 2014. There will be a brief period of downtime on the World of Warplanes server.

Downtime Begins: Wednesday, March 19, 00:00 PDT (03:00 EDT)

Downtime Ends: Wednesday, March 19, 03:00 PDT (06:00 EDT) 

Please note: these times are estimates only and subject to unexpected changes.

The patch includes the following changes:

  • New feature will be added regarding warplanes having 2 predecessors in the tech tree. Players will be able to choose the branch which they wish to spend experience when researching one of these planes
  • Fixed the bug that minimized the game window when clicking the mouse anywhere on the interface
  • Fixed the bug that destroyed the planes of players who were not able to load or lost connection at the start of the battle
  • Fixed the bug that produced uneven numbers of team members in battle

This patch will automatically be applied to your client when you next load the launcher after 03:00 PDT (06:00 EDT) on March 19.

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