Welcome to Earth

Fighter Aces,

This Independence Day weekend you will be facing an enemy that may not be of terrestrial origin. Three months ago, the skies were filled with disc-shaped craft wielding unknown weaponry. We managed to deal them a heavy blow last time, and they strategically retreated—apparently to their hidden base —but now reports are coming in across the globe that these strange flying vehicles are being spotted sporadically in the skies! 

Start Date: Thursday, July 3, 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT

End Date: Sunday, July 6, 20:00 PDT / 23:00 EDT

The Battle Continues

From July 3 to July 6, Wargaming staff members piloting the tier V Sleipnir “UFOs” will be joining random battles. Shooting down enemy Sleipnir craft is worth 250 Gold! Search the skies this weekend, pilots, and eliminate the UFO threat!

Catch part of the action live on stream this weekend!

Who: gunlion and Mugsy_
Saturday & Sunday,12:00 PDT (15:00 EDT) to 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT)


*Gold payouts will be credited within five (5) business days after the event ends. Players may only earn one 250 Gold payout per battle - destroying more than one Sleipnir in a single battle will not increase the amount of Gold a player receives. However, there is no limit to how many payouts a player may receive for separate battles during the event.   


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