Unconfirmed UFO Sightings In-Game!

Thanks for laughing along with us on April 1st!


We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for an urgent transmission of breaking news!

Multiple sources report sightings of a strange Unidentified Flying Object in the clouds above the mountains of ‘Adriatic’ and ‘Arctic Region’. It is too early to tell whether the object spotted on both maps was one and the same, or whether there are multiple UFOs involved, as the continuously incoming reports from all over World of Warplanes seem to suggest.

The object’s origin and purpose are as of yet unknown, but witnesses who claim to have seen the UFO report that it seemed to emit laser-like beams which left marks on its surroundings. Information exclusively obtained by WG News confirms that the UFO may in fact be hostile. Earlier today, our very own Community Crew got trapped in the forums, previously believed to be safe territory, when a particularly frightful exemplar buzzed above their heads and became stuck in the main header.

Development officials urge pilots who might be flying in the same airspace as the UFO not to underestimate the threat and to approach it only with extreme caution. Rumors about dedicated medals being awarded for shooting down, capturing or even piloting the mysterious aircraft remain unconfirmed.

Please check your Hangars for anomalies, and report all suspicious activity to the associated discussion thread!

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