Update 0.5.2 is Now Live


0.5.2 Update has official dropped and has introduced our Unified Premium account as well as making adjustments for a number of aircraft. For a complete list of changes, see the update notes below and get airborne!

0.5.2 Update Notes

Unified Premium Account

  • Unified Premium account (between World of Warplanes and World of Tanks) is implemented, enabling the future sharing of Premium time across Wargaming's PC games
  • A Premium account can be purchased in the World of Tanks client for in-game Gold and in the World of Warplanes client for Tokens.The benefits of a Premium account purchased in one game will be applied to both games


Tokens earned by a player during the first stage of Open Beta will be converted into Credits:

All Tokens earned before the moment of the 0.5.2 update will be converted into Credits at the exchange rate 1:800.

During the period between 0.5.2 launch and until the full game release, all items available for purchase with Tokens enjoy a 50% discount, except for Premium account time! This event applies to the following: 

  • Hangar slots
  • Pilot training and re-training for Tokens
  • Premium Consumables purchased with Tokens
  • Demounting complex equipment for Tokens
  • Token prices for premium planes (these prices were changed for this version - see below).

Prices for Premium planes in Tokens are adjusted. New Token prices for Premium planes are listed below:

Changed Token reward system for battles. Players will now be able to get the Token reward every day by satisfying the following conditions:

Winning Battles Shooting Down an Enemy Destroying Ground Target Reward
1st 1st 1st 10 Tokens
3rd 3rd 3rd 20 Tokens
10th 10th 10th 50 Tokens

Reduced prices for some ammunition belts:

  • M2 machine guns: 150 / 300 / 300/ 1200 credits
  • MG-53-2 price for the top belt 350 / 700 / 700 / 2000 credits
  • М2-20: 800 / 1600 / 1600 / 2400 / 2400 credits
  • B-20: 1000 / 2000 / 2000 / 3200 / 3200 credits
  • NS-23: 1400 / 2800 / 2800 / 4000 /4000 credits
  • MG-213C: 2100 / 4200 / 4200 / 7200 / 7200 credits

Increased earning rates for some planes:

  • FL-1
  • HE-100
  • P40-m-105
  • P-39q
  • A7M

Heads-up Display

Implemented a new style of combat messages similar to World of Tanks


Reduced aircraft and weapons characteristics on the following planes:

  • F7U - increased dispersion, increased overheating
  • F6U - increased dispersion, increased overheating
  • 109TL - reduced maneuverability
  • Me.609 - reduced maneuverability
  • P51H - reduced maneuverability

Improved aircraft and weapons characteristics on the following planes:

  • Bf.110E - increased accuracy for MGFF-M gun
  • J7W2 - increased maneuverability
  • J7W3 - increased maneuverability, increased gun accuracy, reduced overheating
  • La-15 - increased speed, maneuverability, reduced overheating
  • F86A - increased maneuverability
  • Il-40P - increased cruising speed and HP points, increased gun damage characteristics
  • Me. P. 1092 - reduced overheating
  • La-160 - increased maneuverability
  • F5U - increased maneuverability, slightly-reduced MAX roll rate
  • Me.209A - reduced some guns’ overheating rate, increased accuracy for MK-103
  • La-9 - slightly increased maneuverability
  • Bf.109G - increased MAX speed
  • P-40 - increased HP
  • I-16 late - increased HP, increased dispersion for synchronized machine guns, reduced overheating for ShVAK cannons
  • A5M - increased accuracy for Type 97 machine guns, increased damage rate for Type-2 machine guns
  • Ar80 - increased accuracy for hub-mounted cannon


  • Fixed a bug with a twitching lead-firing-point indicator
  • Fixed a bug causing a sharp increase in aircraft responsiveness when you hover the sight on an enemy plane

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