Weekly Missions: Triple Threat


Being in tune with your inner warbird is exactly what you'll need to do to complete this week's brand-new missions. This time, these missions will reward those versatile, all-around pilots who can take to the skies with any type of aircraft. Whether you're bombing, intercepting or dogfighting, you're sure to be satisfied when you receive these Credit filled rewards!

Start Date: Monday, May 26, 04:30 PDT (07:30 EDT)

End Date: Friday, May 30, 04:00 PDT (07:00 EDT)


 Mission / Objective Rewards

Heavy Duel

Place in the top 10 in Experience while also destroying one enemy heavy fighter.

  • Must be in a heavy fighter (max. tier VII)
  • Repeatable
 20% Credit multiplier

Sturmovik Master

Destroy at least one enemy ground attack-aircraft and an enemy ground target.

  • Must be in a ground attack-aircraft (max. tier VII)
  • Repeatable
 30% Credit multiplier

Triple Hunt

Destroy at least one of each in a battle (Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Ground attack-aircraft).

  • Must be in a fighter (max. tier VII)
  • Repeatable
40% Credit multiplier

3 x 3 Combo

Complete each of the above missions at least three (3) times.

  • Once per account


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