American Aircraft

The strategic position of the United States led to the development of military aviation in two main areas - the Army (land) the Air Force. Most important of American planes is their long range, robust construction and ease of maintenance. For American aviation, the tendency was to create high-speed, high-altitude, fighter-capable strike weapons to support ground troops and attacks on ships. Another important requirement was the ability to cover their high-altitude bombers.

American fighters are mainly intended for medium-and high-altitude combat, using vertical maneuvers. The prime representatives are the P-51 Mustang and F4U Corsair. The guns are also built for air superiority, and optimized for medium-to-high altitudes.

U.S. heavy fighters were designed as "strategic" aircraft capable of performing a wide range of tasks and quickly making it over long distances. Priorities of their construction included maximum speed and great range.

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