Soviet Aircraft

Fighters were a key class of frontline aircraft in the U.S.S.R. Designed for action at low to mid altitude, they featured a good balance of speed performance and maneuverability. The primary mission of fighters was to protect Soviet strike aircraft and counter enemy strike aircraft.

The first Soviet jet aircraft were based on the technology of captured German aircraft engines and British aircraft engines. After the war, securing air superiority and intercepting high-altitude enemy bombers became top priority.

Battlefield strike aircraft are represented in the game by heavily-armored Ilyushin attack aircraft.

Aircraft Branches

This tech branch mainly includes aircraft with air-cooled radial engines. Featuring an optimum balance of speed and dynamic performance, these aircraft can carry out a wide range of missions and utilize multiple combat styles. The most noteworthy models (La-5 and La-7) excelled in low- to mid-altitude combat with extensive use of dynamic maneuvers.

The Lavochkin jet-powered fighters were built using German know-how in engine and swept-wing design, which provided excellent speed performance while retaining the ability to engage in maneuvering combat.

Tech Tree

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