Update 1.9.9

"Flight of the Valkyries"

Starts February 23, 01:00 PT (04:00 ET)
March 27, 01:00 PT (04:00 ET)

Strap in for a "Flight of the Valkyries" and recruit three unique female pilots, each with their own special Skills! Those Skill are for specific aircraft, though you can retrain them.

While you can recruit one pilot for free, you'll need to use Tokens to recruit the others. If you don't have the plane a for the pilot, you can recruit her with the corresponding aircraft at an additional charge without having to research the plane, and you can pick up Tokens with Gold during the first and final weeks of the special.

Female Pilots with Individual Skills

The female pilots are:

  • Marina Litvyakova: U.S.S.R., St. Leytenant, pilot for the IL-2 (t) attack aircraft
  • Mary Lovehart: U.S.A., First Lieutenant, pilot for the P-47B Thunderbolt multirole fighter
  • Charlotte von Staufen: Germany, Oberleutnant, pilot for the Bf 110 E heavy fighter

They're unique, can be recruited only once, and you can't recruit two identical pilots.


Quick Crew Transfer

In Update 1.9.9, Crews can be swapped in two clicks!

Use the plane prep panel on the right of the Hangar to quickly replace a Crewmember with any other suitable Crewmember from the Barracks or another plane. Say goodbye to sending a pilot or a rear gunner to the Barracks, switching between the aircraft in the aircraft carousel, and resetting the Crew.

Moving Rear Guns

We've finished developing and testing animated rear gunners (and their guns) on the planes already in the game. Now you can see your rear guns track a target and fire at it.

The following aircraft have moving rear guns: Demon, Skua, Beaufighter, 2PA, Ao 192, Fw 57, Bf 110 B, Bf 110 C-6, Bf 110 E, Me 210, and Ki-8.

Now all aircraft with rear guns have the appropriate animations.

Aircraft Balance Changes

Adjusted damage, firing range and angles, improved appearance of rear guns firing, and increased burst duration for rear guns mounted on:

Demon, Skua, Beaufighter, Ao 192, Fw 57, Bf 110 B, Bf 110 C-6, Bf 110 E, Me 210, Do 17 Z-7, Ki-8, and 2PA.

Changes by aircraft:

  • Ki-8-burst duration increased, damage reduced
  • Demon-burst duration increased, damage reduced
  • Skua-burst duration increased, damage reduced; firing range for the top rear gun increased
  • Beaufighter-burst duration increased; firing angles in the yaw axis of the stock rear gun reduced; rotation rate and damage of the top rear gun reduced
  • 192-burst duration increased, firing angles in the yaw axis reduced; firing range of the top rear gun increased
  • Fw 57-burst duration increased, firing angles in the yaw axis increased to +/-90°, rotation rate reduced
  • Me 210-burst duration increased, damage and firing range increased
  • Do 17 Z-7, Bf 110B, Bf 110 E, Bf 110 C-6, 2PA-burst duration increased

Updated damage models with more accurate damage to aircraft and modules for:

LaGG-3, LaGG-3 (34), La-5, La-7, La-9, La-11, P-39Q-15, and Hs 129B

New Aircraft

New Premium and bonus aircraft added for testing purposes:

  • Henschel Hs 129 A-German tier IV attack aircraft
  • LaGG-3 series 4-Soviet tier IV multirole fighter
  • Ilyushin IL-1- Soviet tier VI multirole fighter
  • Lavochkin La-9RD-Soviet tier VII fighter

These planes have been issued to developers and Supertesters, so while you won't fly them yet, you may see them in battle!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Skill reset option automatically changing to Gold if a battle finished when selecting an option
  • Fixed aircraft specifications panel showing detailed information about an aircraft now remains in the same state instead of automatically switching to aircraft overview state after returning to Hangar from a battle or after leaving a queue for a battle
  • Fixed when part of the IL-10 airframe disappeared after the pilot was injured
  • Corrected description of the Hs 123
  • Fixed simultaneous pressing of the Alt key and any other key activating Windows sound informing you of too many keys pressed simultaneously
  • Fixed disappearance of cursor when recalling replay menu by pressing the Escape key
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