Update 1.9.6

Update 1.9.6 has a new branch of Japanese fighters, and a way to get these aircraft pre-researched and earlier than other players. They’re excellent air duellists, and in one-on-one engagements, they dance around and destroy enemy aircraft without even being grazed!

The update also brings the start of the "Japanese Threat" event. Every day, there will be "confrontations" on the server. To participate in the confrontations, players should choose a side (Axis or Allies) and help bring their force to victory. Players participating will earn loot crates, with different prizes, including the aforementioned Japanese fighters.

We also worked on the game's balance, changed the price of some Crew skills, adjusted the logic of the bots, and optimized the matchmaker.

Aircraft Balance Changes

As part of improving the visualization of the rear gunner's firing, the burst duration for the rear guns mounted on the IL-2 (mod.), LBSh, and NC 1070 were increased.

  • IL-40P: The rear gun was replaced and now deals increased damage.

New Aircraft

A new branch of Japanese fighters:


  • Ki-10 (tier II fighter)
  • Ki-27 (tier III fighter)
  • Ki-43-I Hayabusa (tier IV fighter)
  • Ki-43-II Hayabusa (tier V fighter)
  • Ki-61 Hien (tier VI fighter)
  • Ki-84 Hayate (tier VII fighter)
  • Ki-94-II (tier VIII fighter)
  • Ki-162 (tier IX fighter)
  • Ki-162-III (tier X fighter)


The new Japanese fighters are highly maneuverable aircraft designed for a turning battle at close range. Their excellent turning performance, good dynamics, and high weapon accuracy make them favorites in air duels. Compared to the Zero branch, the new fighters have lower firepower with higher accuracy. 

These aircraft pay a price for their strengths: They've got the same low durability and susceptibility to critical damage and fires of other Japanese fighters. This makes them classic "glass cannons", aircraft that are capable of quickly destroying an individual target but which are not designed to soak up damage in multiple-aircraft engagements.

These aircraft pay a price for their strengths: They've got the same low durability and susceptibility to critical damage and fires of other Japanese fighters. This makes them classic "glass cannons;” aircraft capable of quickly destroying an individual target but aren’t designed to soak up damage in dogfights with several planes at once.

More New Aircraft

  • I-16 Type 29: tier IV Soviet multirole fighter

Event: "Japanese Threat"

Available until October 13.

Special Hangar "Tropical Island"

For “Japanese Threat,” we created a Tropical Island Hangar with “peacetime” and “wartime” states, alternating depending on the phase of the event. The wartime Hangar shows specific animations such as air strikes and attempts to repel attacks.

All animations for the new Hangar have unique sound effects, and each Hangar state also has its own music.

We've also recorded special music tracks showing when a faction is close to victory or defeat!

Animated Rear Guns

We're still working on animated rear gunners and their guns. Now you can see when a rear gunner tracks a selected target and fires at it, and we've also added an animation when the rear gun fires. Animated rear guns are on the following aircraft:

  • IL-2 (mod.)
  • LBSh
  • NC 1070

Also, animated rear guns were implemented for the following aircraft in testing:

  • SNCASE SE 100
  • Arsenal-Delanne AD 10С2
  • Di-6i

Paint Schemes for WoWP Alpha and Beta Testers

Missing paint schemes available for Closed Beta testers were added for a number of aircraft.

Bonus paint schemes added for the following aircraft:

  • BSh-2
  • I-21
  • I-250
  • IL-2 (mod.)
  • IL-40P
  • MiG-9
  • Yak-19
  • Yak-1M
  • Yak-30
  • 2PA-L
  • XFL-1
  • P-36
  • P-36C
  • XP-77
  • XF4F-3
  • XF4U-1
  • Bf 110 C-6
  • Me 209 V4
  • Fw 190 D
  • Ta 183

A set of bonus paint schemes will be added for several other aircraft in the following update.

Crew Skills

The price of several pilot skills are reduced:

  • Aerodynamics Expert: from 3 to 2 skill points
  • Protection Expert: from 3 to 2 skill points
  • Fire Fighter: from 2 to 1 skill point
  • Cruise Flight: from 3 to 2 skill points
  • Evasive Target: from 4 to 3 skill points
  • Raptor Strike: from 4 to 3 skill points
  • Adrenaline Rush: from 4 to 3 skill points

Reduced price for some rear gunner skills:

    • Quick Reflexes: from 3 to 2 skill points
    • Weakest Link: from 5 to 4 skill points

All pilots and rear gunners who mastered these skills before will receive free skill points as compensation for the change in price.

Rear gunners with the skill "Weakest Link" will now take into account not the relative but the absolute value of the remaining hit points when selecting a target.

Optimization and Bugfixes


Changed how bots are added to teams: Opposing teams will be completed with bots of the same aircraft models to make teams more balanced.

Changed the settings responsible for how bots choose which aircraft to use. Bots will choose researchable aircraft more often and will select Premium and bonus aircraft less frequently.

Added some exclusive aircraft models (Do 17 Z-7, Fi 98, and Pegasus) to the sets of aircraft available for bots in order to increase the diversity at tiers II and III.


Bots now track the flight path of their allies flying next to them and stop using forward-firing weapons if there is the possibility of hitting an allied aircraft with friendly fire.

In battles with a high number of bots, the bots will start to search for the enemy sooner after the start of the battle.

Bots also try to fly at the optimum altitude for their aircraft and will boost less frequently outside of engagements.

Improved Near-Ground Flight System

Modified the flight system algorithms for ultra low altitude flying to make carrying out an assault easier. It will now be easier to keep an aircraft close to the ground.


Reduced the high-altitude audibility of sound events on ground objects and explosions. 


Added two new battle loading screens.

Added new Hangar element when aircraft celebrates its anniversary.

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