Flight Plan to the F7U


Produced in the early 1950s, the Chance-Vought F7U Cutlass was the first American carrier-based, supersonic jet-fighter to be introduced to the US Navy. A radical departure from traditional designs, the F7U is powered by twin engies and has the option of mounting four 500 pound bombs making it a double-threat. Use your speed and boom 'n zoom tactics to unleash fury with your 20 mm cannons!

Maximize your flight plan to tier X with these latest Credit bonuses and new Premium bundles which include excellent Crew training and Credit earning American fighters!

Start Date: Monday, August 25, 04:00 PDT / 11:00 UTC
End Date: Monday, September 8, 04:00 PDT / 11:00 UTC

  Bonuses & Discounts

Regular Aircraft
50% Credit Discount:

    30% Credit Discount:

Regular Aircraft
15% Credit Discount & Income Bonus:

  Flight Plan Premium Bundles

The Goods

New Plane Prep Kit - $10.99


+ Free: 1 Day of Premium

Countdown Prep Kit - $13.99

14 Day of Premium + 1,000

+ Free: 2 Days of Premium

 Flight Plan Bundle #1 - $17.09

Grumman XF4F-3 + 2,000 + Slot

+ Free: 1 Day of Premium

 Flight Plan Bundle #2 - $18.99

Chance-Vought XF4U-12,000 + Slot

+ Free1 Day of Premium

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