Update 1.2 Has Arrived!


It's time for update 1.2! After a few months since launch spending feedback gathering and assessing issues, our additions and improvements in update 1.2 are aimed to make the game more intuitive and interesting. Patch 1.2 brings balance changes that increase gameplay diversity at different tiers or with different aircraft, and client features to make the whole experience more fun and in line with other Wargaming titles.  

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Update 1.2 Key Features

  • Missions
    In-game Missions are now available and will be provided on a regular basis. Complete the objectives to earn a variety of great rewards!
  • Replay recording & playback 
    Replays have come to World of Warplanes! Record your battles to replay files and share them with friends and others in the community
  • More informative post-battle stats
    The new post-battle results screen displays in the Hangar after battle, and offers information on all battles you've engaged in within your current play session, plus information on other players' stats
  • Aircraft balance and historical accuracy changes
    Of course, many planes have seen adjustments in update 1.2, assisting in overall game balance and furthering their historical accuracy. This also includes tweaks to physics and other elements
  • Economy changes
    Players are now always fully rewarded with Credits and experience for destroyed enemy planes, based on the total amount of hit points at the moment of death. In particular, it will increase the reward for shooting down an enemy plane by critically damaging its wings or tail or when it crashes after players attack. 
    There will also be some changes to the XP prices of certain modules and planes. Players who researched a tier VII-IX plane before the implementation of 1.2 but haven't yet researched the next plane in the tech tree will receive automatic compensation, equal to the difference of the previous update's 1.1.2 XP price for the next aircraft in the tech tree and the new price in 1.2.

Please note that in order to prepare for the update, server maintenance will be scheduled for Thursday, March 6, 00:00 PST (03:00 EST).


The full list of changes, along with complete details on the above features, are viewable now on our Update Notes page. 

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